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Internet | Copy & Print

At fonenet we are more than just a internet cafe, we supply a printing, photocopying and laminating service.

Sales & Repairs

We keep a range of items designed specifically to meet your needs. We repair laptops, tablets, consoles and screens.


We offer a range of services including Internet access, faxing, printing, photocopying, laptop & computer repairs. We have 8 computers where you can check your e-mail, print and surf the net from a comfortable environment. We offer special offers on prepay internet access. When you prepay you benefit from extra time online. We offer repairs to all makes of computer, and service and speed up laptops and computers. We also repair game consoles, tablets and computers.


Fast Internet Acess

We have 8 machines all connected to hi-speed internet.

We do not record e-mail address, bank details, passwords, login details, downloads and do not keep your files for ANY account.

We also offer the following services:
Scanning, Faxing and E-mailing.


Have you got important documents you want to copy? – Birth certificates, proof of payment receipts, drivers licenses. We can copy your documents so you can keep the original. If you need multiple documents copied drop them in. Copying while you wait, or call and collect.


Laminating your documents is a great way to preserve your documents. Photographs, educational certificates, your letter of apology from the bank. There are loads of things you might want to keep, so if it’s important to you, drop it in. We can laminate your documents while you wait, or you can call back and collect later.


We offer the best laptop repair service around. No Messing. No Fuss. Just technicians who diagnose quickly and repair efficiently. If your computer won’t turn on If you get a Blue Screen error If the power jack needs replacing Having problems with overheating.

If you have a problem with your mobile device we can help! So before you throw in the towel and buy a new device, lets see if we can repair it. So, if the screen is broken. Drop it in. If it doesn’t turn on. Let us help you.


We offer a repair service to all game consoles including: Sony Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS. We also repair the full range of  consoles, Playstation portable and PSP consoles. So, if the screen is not coming on, or no lights show up. Drop it in. If the game won’t load, or your getting a flashing light. Let us help you.


We offer a fast and efficient screen replacement service for all laptops, notebooks and netbooks. We keep the most common sizes in stock at all times so we may be able to replace your screen in the same day. If we have to order in a screen, we will try to source one locally to provide the best service. If we have to order from further afield, we will try to let you know how long it will take.

Virus Removal
We offer a super efficient virus removal service for all desktop and laptop computers. We see a lot of viruses. It could be the “Garda” or “User Profile” virus that locks you out of your computer, or ransom – ware that hijacks your files so you can’t access them without first paying an outrageous fee.
We offer an upgrade and component replacement for all desktop and laptop computers. So if it something is broken or you’re looking to improve the performance of your computer. Let us help. We’ll have your computer back up and running super fast without any fuss. If your hard drive is full. Drop it in to us. If you want to increase the amount of RAM. Let us help you.


We keep a range of items designed specifically to meet your needs. Memory sticks, cards and expansion . Keyboards, mice, bags, smart-phones, cables for laptops and PC’s.

So if you’re looking for great products at great prices, CALL IN.

Computers and Laptops. We have them. A wide range of peripherals. Let’s see what we can do. We’re happy to help you. If you haven’t got anti-virus on your computer or if the problem is particularly bad, we might have to up-grade your repair, but we will always telll you how much before we do any work.


The Square, Townpark
Tuam, Co. Galway

Our hours

Monday – Friday: 10:30 – 5.30
Saturday: 12:00 – 2:00

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